Indoor speeltuin KidsZoo

KidsZoo Knalfeest Deluxe Booking

€ 21,00 per child (min. 4 kids)
4-12 year

It lacks you and your friends to absolutely nothing. Play as long as you want. 20-30 minutes in one of our party rooms. Disco Bubbles and creampie with KidsZoo imprint, so we can toast to your birthday. And your name can not miss the special chalk wall.

Our KidsZoo assistant provides unlimited lemonade on the table and served alongside a delicious birthday snack menu with a 'spekkabel' (marshmellow) and raketje (ice) for everyone. You get the party hat and we shoot a group photo with your friends for our 'Wall of Fame'. If you like, of course. Hunting things off with KidsZooker game and have your face painted.

When you go, all of your friends may also choose a gift from the wall to go back home.
  • Unlimited playtime
  • Partyroom (20-30 minutes)
  • €2,50 discount with KidsZoo-year pass i
  • Chalk your name on the wall!
  • Unlimited lemonade
  • Party hat for birthday child
  • Present for ALL kids i
  • Photograph in the ‘Wall of Fame’
  • KidsZoo Assistant
  • KidsZoo Little Big Shopper i
  • ‘Raket’ Ice popsicle when leaving i
  • Entrance free for one adult per four children, one coffe/tea included
  • Bol van Voordeel Discount i
  • --------------------
  • BirthdayMenu (chips + sauce)
  • Snack i
  • Marshmellow rope
  • --------------------
  • Bottle of Disco Bubbles
  • Piece of pie i


  • + Party Decoration  (+ € 1,50) i

What print do you want on the pie?:
1) When ordering a piece of pie per child a whole fresh cream cake is ordered for the number of children. 2) The cost of the photo print of a KidsZoo animal or chosen theme is added on top of the total price of cake pieces for the kids.

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