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KidsZoo FunParty Booking

€ 10,50 per child (min. 4 kids)
4-12 year

This package contains everything needed for a successful party. Play as long as you want. Our KidsZoo assistant provides unlimited lemonade on the table and serves a delicious birthday menu. Of course the birthday boy or girl kitted out with a party hat. And they will not go home without a gift!
  • Unlimited playtime
  • No separate party room
  • Entrance free for one adult per four children
  • € 2,50 discount with KidsZoo Year pass* i
  • Unlimited  lemonade
  • Party hat for birthday child
  • BirthdayMenu (chips + sauce)* i
  • Present for birthday child


  • + Piece of cake (+€ 1,40)
  • + Piece of pie (+€ 2,95) i
  • + Party Decoration  (+ € 1,50) i

1) When ordering a piece of pie per child a whole fresh cream cake is ordered for the number of children. 2) The cost of the photo print of a KidsZoo animal or chosen theme is added on top of the total price of cake pieces for the kids.
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