Want to have fun monkeying around? KidsZoo!

The funniest, cleanest and nicest playgarden in the 'Bollenstreek', the South-West of Holland.
Clattering, climbing, sliding, romping and learning-while-playing. KidsZoo is one hundred percent adventure on 2000 square meters playing-fun for children from one to twelve years of age, and lounging in luxury for parents and company. The playgarden is widely set up and well overviewed, and there is service at the tables! The toilets are inspected and/or cleaned every 30 minutes. There's a well-filled actual reading-table plus free wifi and live soccer television. A visit to KidsZoo is a treat for all ages. Find out for yourself!  

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Open six days a week
KidsZoo is open all week except Mondays*! The rest of the week we’re open from  09.30 to 18.00 hrs. The kitchen closes at 17.30 hrs.
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Good to know!
In the KidsZoo agenda you will find all our special activities on date. From Workshops to Kids’ Discos, party breakfasts to holiday celebrations and from special actions to special events.
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For the kids
Scissor-cutting, puttering, glueing fun. Here you’ll find the funniest KidsZoo gadgets for at home. Live life to the full!  KidsZoo coloring drawings can be downloaded by clicking on the image.
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For the parents
A short-time celebration ahead? Baby-shower, family-reunion or jubilee? KidsZoo offers the solution. No mess at home and complete unburdening. Plenty of choice at KidsZoo!


KidsZoo Stamp Card for even more playing fun

Have your Savings Card stamped on every visit. Ten stamps? Wonderful, now your eleventh visit is free! Extra fun: the stampcard is not personal!
your birthday in KidsZoo!

Birthday soon? Choose from six packages for the party of your dreams!
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Prices &
KidsZoo’s Pleasant Price list. From day ticket  to  group access. KidsZoo makes a success out of every school trip, kids party or family outing a wonderful freedom.
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No children's party, but a birthday boy or girl at home and you prefer no mess and fuss at home? KidsZoo has the solution. Fully catered packages!
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opening days
In our regional (middle)school holidays KidsZoo is also open on Mondays. As in most other holidays. All can be found in the KidsZoo Calendar.
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Eat &
KidsZoo loves tasty and luxury. And also good and healthy. We have in addition to the familiar snacks and delicious ice creams also a selection of healthier living.
With school
to KidsZoo!

KidsZoo, the adventurous school day of the year and the most fun day out for children and teachers.
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KidsZoo Brulpost
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Photo Gallery
KidsZoo so-fun look. A motley collection of photos and videos. Birthdays, children, parents, counselors, all they found their way to KidsZoo. Obviously, because KidsZoo is different.
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Social Media
Join the Social Media activities and win great prizes. After achieving the milestones we move the extended numbers and the action is on again. So everyone keep doing it!
KidsZoo, in the middle of 'De Bollenstreek'
Quickly and easily accessible. You'll find KidsZoo at the Pletterij 3, 2211 JT Noordwijkerhout. KidsZoo is based on businesspark Gravendam. You're there in a minute. By car, bicycle or bus. Plan your route: